Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Music is an abstract world (the concept)

Music is an Abstract world.
The video is somewhat a documetation of ideas that try to understand what it means to connect to a City, a Place and Buildings that serve paticular functions. And the idea that one could connect or trancend to another world through a particular activity that occures in that building, for example a Concert Hall, what sort of world is that? (not explained in physical means but matterphysically). Is the world of music visually recognisable as we may recognise the guiter, the band, the piano or any other physical objects in a concert Hall, In cold physical explanations we may say music could be defined as a combination of waves(defined through their numerical and mechanical propeties) in this invesigation, i am not trying to respresent, explore, or see music in it's mechanical anatomy but through feeling it's presents.what if we could wear some sort of device on our heads that allows us to travel and see and feel music.

The silver tube that features in the film becomes the device that connect me to this world of music. The film suggest that this world looks different from that of the physical world. The digital visualiser seem to point to a certain freedom of expression, in a way things seem to be detouched from reality as i am tranfared to a room somewere else when looking into the tube in Halifax. Therefore this idea seems to point out that this new architeture has to serve not only a utilitarian function but that of connection to anathor world. This space should almost play god to the occupers, directing them into brutally functinal spaces, abitary ones and others that casuse frastration and confusion. This idea must break free from the thought that architeture should me homogious language that points to only one concept and function. This building should serve as a music residential but should be an influence on the making of music. The idea that the art of music is like in painting inspired by things around us takes me to the idea that if one distort the idea of pespetive, light, form of space and sound one can induce a new out look on one 's understanding of things and the rest of the world around him. It is my belief the when that happens inspiration should naturally occure.

The idea of the connection device got me into thinking about a parrell problem of connecting the idea of music and celebration of music as a spce to the public. This drawing above shows massive almost monumental scale ventilation tubes suspended in mid air, wich will continosly play different music all at the same time. The public would go underneath these tubes to listen to music channeled through them. The idea is again set in Halifax in the Piece Hall.

I think my ideas in this project are strongly influenced by the work of Russian abstract painter Kaziamer Malevich. Born in 1878 and died in 1935, his ideas on mordenity in art were manifasted in strong geometric shapes painted on canvas. He coined the word suprematism to define his art. he dicreibes art as needing to be non objective, not to seek to reveal the idea of something or someone in the dipiction of it as it but through iconograpy. Malevich saw this new art as an expression free from political or social idealogy. I think these ideas could be said to point in the direction of a link between my interprectaion of music and painting wich is the springboard of this Architecture.

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