Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Music is an abstract world

A bit bruised but look who made the front cover  

Year two, extracts from my current sketchbook

Music as an abstract world.

My current project involves the desgn of a Music School and Residential in Halifax, It involves a claster of buildings in the center of Halifax. Firstly the square chapel wich is the main performance space, The old methodist church ruins and the Piece Hall (wich serves as a open outdoor perfomace space especially in summer), but is mainly used as a shopping complex and public space. current The Piece Hall is under used wich is a great shame as it steaped in culture and tradition. My site is in and around the Hall and speading out into the Square chapel.

The idea is to infliltrate both building almost parasitically, to gain the best of both worlds, to connect the two buildings into a common union through music. The word connect, is very important in terms of masterplanning. I beilive the Piece Hall could benefit greatly from the music culture that is thriving in the Square chapel therefore the marrige and connection of the Piece hall to the square chapel is logical in social and economic terms. However the connection has to be made is some way that says intenctions maybe Politically, Artistically, and Philosophically about my ideas about Music per say,the site and the functions of a music residentail + school. Above is a scinario i have inviosioned shown in the abstract digital painting of the site in point perspetive. The white is the path that links both buildings form the main road from the train station. The Green block is the Square chapel and the black and grey is the wall of the Piece Hall. The painting shows the program blocks or shards attacking the PieceHall and vias versa. the concerpt is abract, it is shying away from dealing with the idea of Architetural connection in a direct way but reduces the problem solving into a fanantacy. Below a close up of thsese shards flying.

The idea of these shards springs out from the question, What is music and what is architecture that serves music look like. Most importantly i decide that, i dont understand music, what is music? This idea leads me say music is trully an ubstract language, idea, and world. For me it is a like a Kazimair Malivich abstract arieal landscape painting, a representaion of a place stripped of it's physical function it only manifasts it's self mettarphysically athough it belongs to the physical. This idea leads me to describe and define music as world or a place that one can connect to. In some way this architecture has to involve the sences and also influence feelings (like music does).

spellings to be corrected (still editing)

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